Fishing on the Rogue River with a fishing guide

The Rogue River in Oregon is one of the most scenic and wild rivers in the United States.

Starting in the Boundary Springs area of Oregon, the Rogue River winds some 215 miles all the way to the Pacific Ocean, the Rogue River is packed with fish such as Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout, Adult Steelheads and half-pounders, Spring and fall Chinook, and Coho Salmon. 

In fact, there are 65 varieties of fish in Rogue River, but these are the prized varieties. 

Rogue River Fishing is great pretty much all year long, but for the best fishing, particularly Steelhead and Trout, head to the Rogue River in the early fall when the water is released from the reservoir. 

Local Resident anglers have the advantage of trying out different baits and lures as well as different fishing styles. And patience pays off, even with a great fishing river like the Rogue.

However, for anglers from out of state who have dreamed of a fishing trip on the legendary Rogue but can only afford a few days in pursuit of salmon or trout (particularly legendary size fish), there is really no choice but to hire a Rogue River fishing guide. 

In business, they say time is money and in fishing, an Oregon fishing guide translates into catching plenty of fish. 

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While the price for hiring a fishing guide may be between $225 to $300 per day, the price generally includes a 1, 2, or 3-day fishing license that takes some of the sting out of the price.

The real advantage of hiring a fishing guide, however, is in the combination of safety and knowledge about where to fish.

With regard to safety, salmon fishing Rogue River is not without its dangers. Particularly on a boat, there are many places where you do not want to travel on the Rogue River without an experienced boatman at the helm. 

After all, the Rogue River is not only one of the longest rivers in the nation but also one of the wildest with a considerable number of rapids as well as drop off pools. Unfortunately, several people drown in the Rogue River each year.

The second and primary reason for hiring a guide is the fishing on the Rogue River is not uniform, There are places where there are literally hundreds of fish and other places where you can hardly get a nibble.

Unfortunately, as an out of stater, you don’t necessarily have the time to discover which spots on the river are the best and which to avoid. Rather, you want to be catching fish with a half-hour after starting your fishing trip. No stopping for McDonald’s or Burger King here. 

Most fishing trips with a professional guide are located within 30 minutes or less of the fishing camp. 

Another reason why fishing guides are fantastic for out of state fisherman is that the best equipment is supplied. Transporting fishing rods and reels on an airplane is not the most pleasant experience in the world. With a guide, there is no worry, they’ll supply the fishing gear. 

Another great function of fishing guides is the camaraderie on the trip. Whether you come alone or bring the gang with you, the experience of fishing is so much more comfortable when you have a fishing guide take care of all the essentials and you get to concentrate just on fishing. In addition, even if you are alone, fishing guide trips are a great way to meet new friends who share the same interests. 

The main reason you might want to hire a fishing guide however is that guides make their living knowing where to catch salmon and trout and what kind of bait works best to catch them.

Even resident Oregonians find that a fishing trip with a guide is a once in a lifetime experience. 

One way to make that fishing experience even better is to be open and frank with your guide. For example, a guide may know a fantastic fishing site but it requires a 5-mile hike into the woods. 

If you are not capable of that type of hiking, by all means, let your guide know.

Also, let your guide know your level of fishing experience. The more your guide knows about your fishing experience, the better your trip will be. Sd If you have never fished in your life, don’t be afraid to say. 

Finally, don’t be afraid to try new things at your guide’s suggestion. You may be a fantastic fly fisherman but today, using flies as the bait just won’t cut it.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.