Friday, June 17, 2016

Electro London Records, ‘SYNTH WAVE – Volume 1’ Review

Reminding me of Gary Numan's 'Cars' with a modern twist is "Cosaquitos En Globo-Fantasy" with uplifting analogue pad sounds and a tight classic 80s gated snare drum underpinned by a funky saw wave bass synth.

With the recent explosion of vinyl sales receiving more coverage its only right that this album does too as it has a lot to offer the music industry. Wishing to stress that "SYNTH WAVE - Volume 1" is not a compilation album but more of a way of life, Electro London have featured artists such as Johnny Normal who despite a succession of life threatening illnesses threw himself straight back into synth music. The international connections of artists on the record goes to show how widely the genre spreads making "SYNTH WAVE - Volume 1" an incredibly significant record for the future of the phenomenon.

Watch promo video of the collection here:

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