Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rachel Myall’s New EP 'Science' Review

Rachel Myall’s soft and gentle tones and masterful lyrics are a match made in heaven. The London based singer’s new single ‘Two sides of me’, matches her heartfelt lyrics to a melodic rthym, on a track I’ve had playing on repeat.
The single was written about the anxieties that getting close to someone can cause. “It’s ultimately about being afraid to show the real you.”, which is something we can all relate to

Her new EP is a collection of songs written by Rachel in her single twenties in London and forms a very intimate account of a young songstress who puts the experience of growing up in the 21st century into a musical narrative that feeds from a long chain of musical heritage.

The Single ‘Two Sides of Me’ is out on 26th February and the EP ‘Science’ is out on 18th March 2016.


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