Thursday, February 4, 2016

Corlyx Debut Single 'Starlet' Review

Sonically gravitating and lyrically inspiring, dark pop/rock duo Corlyx are the trendsetters of 2016’s musical landscape. With their powerful debut single ‘Starlet’ the band mingles social commentary with melodic elation and proves to be one of the most exciting newcomers in the industry. It’s usually a very positive thing to not be able to categorise a band’s sound straight away and that is certainly the case with Corlyx. Consisting of US singer Caitlin and Italian DJ and rock musician Brandon who have taken their romance to a level of creative ingenuity, Corlyx is a band that has managed to take inspiration from many, often contradicting, genres such as EDM, goth, electro and rock and merged it into the most enticing and exhilarating new sound sensation!

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