Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Don Laka ‘Afro Chopin’ – Album Review

Don Laka’s follow up to ‘Destiny’ is the intricately crafted ‘Afro Chopin’ a fantastic mix of traditional jazz, afro rhythms and classical romantic composing.

This album is probably one of the most cohesive and streamlined releases you will hear this year. You could easily dismiss this album as a just a quirky covers release but it’s so much more than that. Laka has totally transformed the traditional aspect of classical music and made it his own. Every track on the album is magnificent with so many intricate points interspersed throughout poignant and simple melodies

The definitive highlight of the album is Prelude No 20 (Izulu). Both beautiful and forceful, Prelude No20 is the prime example of Laka’s continuing greatness on both classical and jazz platforms. With a legend like Don Laka churning out incredible releases like ‘Afro Chopin’ my faith in music is slowly being  restored.

Don Laka plays The Half Moon, Putney on October 21st. Doors are 8:00pm £15 advance and £17 on the door.

You can check out Don Laka below:

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