Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Yeti Love – 'Lonely Road' Single Review

Yeti Love sound like they emerged straight out of a Celtic folk dance sound tracked by a Spanish flamenco band. Described as “part Catholic guilt part black magic” there is something definitely mystical about this band .It is an interesting combination of classic rock vocals in the style of Eddie Vedder with traditional mandolin playing and English folk notes interspruced throughout.

‘Lonely Road’ is a melancholic ode to unrequited love. It is has both the yearning, romantic folk element and the slightly risqué sexual rock influence, which put into their own words is all about “ass”. Lyrics aside the instrumentation in the track is very concise and expertly crafted.  The Spanish guitar and hollow body acoustic complement each other to generate a warm sound that acts as a cushion for the more gritty vocal line. 

The track is a perfect demonstration of the breadth of Pete’s vocal talent and Dave’s expertly crafted guitar melodies and chord progressions. The track is very pleasing to the ear and puts Yeti Love in a strong position to expand their sound. If their live set is as intricate and tight as their recordings, Yeti Love has the makings of a great band.

New single, ‘Lonely Road’, is OUT NOW and you can watch the video here:

Live Dates:

June 19th Barge Inn Wiltshire
June 21st  The Acoustic Solstice et la fete de la musique   Batley Yorkshire
July 12th  One Summers Day Festival  Guilford 
August 29th  Airballoon Garden Party Coulsdon 


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