Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review - Vida Double A-side Single ‘Electric Lady’/’Fade Away’

Fade Away –is a really slow paced but smooth track! With an assortment of melodious sounds altering from the singing group in the background of this song all the way to the fantastic guitar or the pleasant-sounding vocals!
Electric Lady - A truly full of life and weighty guitar riff is built-in to this track! The drums are as well splendid in this track, setting the tempo of this track beside the drums! Is certainly further positive then the earlier song and the singing is stronger as well. 

On the whole Vida’s double single is in reality an unbelievable double single screening two sides of Vida! I individually favour the first side of Vida (Fade Away) but, both evenly have a lot of prospective to climb the charts! 

Electric Lady’ and ‘Fade Away’ is available now

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