Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Johnny Wore Black – Walking Underwater Pt 2

Johnny Wore Black is a special case. A fear defying stuntman by day and a enthralling rock vocalist by night, JWB channels the ferocity of Tool and the complexity of Pink Floyd. 

His sophomore album; Walking Underwater Pt 2, builds on the foundations established by the first album by adding a more mature and layered approach to the production.

The album includes contributions from Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson and producer David Bottrill. This star studded release is nothing short of magnificent. The release is dark and brooding with nods to heavier acts such as Stone Sour but also more progressive bands such as Yes and King Crimson. 

The album is energetic as well as melancholy and features previous tracks such as A Cut Above, A Gift of Desperation and Noise. New songs such as Firefly and Comfy Slippers show case a progression to something much more stylised and coherent with his own self established genre. Johnny Wore Black is indeed genre defying. His combination of telephone vocals and monophonic synths interspersed with driving bass lines and squealing guitars display a level of complexity which is frankly mind blowing. This release is Johnny Wore Black at his best. It is safe to say Johnny has cast of the shadows and has stepped into the murky light of day. Walking Under Water Pt 2 is now available worldwide.

Watch their latest video for 'Comfy Slippers' here: 

The album is available to purchase now at: iTunes link for Walking Underwater Pt 2:

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Twitter: @johnnyworeblack

“Perfectly balanced and epic” – Tasty Fanzine
“The album is an energetic and intensely passionate collection of songs” – Holier Than Thou
“A haunting dose of melody and emotion” – A Metal State of Mind

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