Friday, June 12, 2015

Album Review - The Hydra’s Tailor By Deadly Circus Fire

'The Hydra's Tailor'
Released 16th June

In Darkness We Trust - the first song of the album, and is slow paced compared to rest of the songs on the album. But this song doesn’t fit the genre they have but that’s what uniquely introduces the album!

Animal - Is the next song in the album and is a lot more specific to its genre then the previous song. With a melodic chorus but rough distorted vocals, it really helps to let the chorus shine through and build up to it! With a really heavy nice breakdown towards the end! 

Where It Lies - Has a really nice heavy guitar riff sure to get blood pumping! Up until the chorus when it turns more harmonious! The vocals are strong in this song really changes tempo between the rough screams and being melodic! Roughly ¾ the way through this song is slows down to speed up again with a chorus!

Victim – Is the heaviest song in the album, the first half is filled up with heavy guitar riffs and well built vocals up until halfway through when it becomes melodic almost chilling! And drops into a breakdown soon after to leave the track on a loud note.

Devil’s Opera – Throughout the track the vocals are a lot cleaner compared to others on the album up until about half way through where it starts to become more heavy and upbeat! The riffs are great in this song.

Rise Again – Very strong vocals which go with the guitar riff really well in this track! As well as the drums being really well setting tempo! The vocals again are relatively cleaner in this track as well as devil’s opera!

Martyrs – Is the interlude of the album

House Of Plagues – Great chorus in this song, as well as the riff being very catchy! Really energetic tempo and vocals throughout this track! This song also has a really good build up until the chorus.

Aeden - The song with easily the most heavy and majority of breakdowns in the album!  The guitar riff is excellent and well as the drums being superb for making the tempo in this track!

The Hydra’s Tailor – Is the main song from the album, the album being the song that the album is named after and you can see exactly why! With such well built vocals and tempo switches done really well this is my favourite track from the album! The vocals generally convey meaning superbly!

Turning The Tide – Has a really catchy chorus as well as a great breakdown half the way down. It has a really nice riff and a lot of good tempo changes being made by the guitar and drums!

Universe - Is most probably the slowest song in the album, being quite harmonious! It is also the longest track in the album making it a long farewell to the listeners!

To wrap up, Deadly Circus Fire – The Hydra’s Tailor is a fantastic album full of great guitar riffs, excellent melodic clean choruses and superb breakdowns! Definitely an album to look out for this June the 16th!  

The London gig itself promises to be a loud, proud return to the capital for a band known for their raucous live shows. With a support act to be confirmed, the night will roll out as follows (times subject to change):

Doors: 7pm
Support act: 7.45pm
Deadly Circus Fire: 8.45-9.45pm

Tickets for the show are available from, with more information on the event available on Facebook.


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