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Music In Motion with Cat Beach

Written by Sherryl Craig
For Women of Music Music of Women

“As a child we are taught from an early age to listen to our parents. As we grow we get tangled up in life's challenges and we sometimes put our dreams on hold. But...if you feel passionate about your gift, whatever it may be, don't give up. Give it 100% and don't stop. Even though you'll face tough times believe in yourself.” ~Cat Beach, 2016~

Passionate about her music and about living a healthy, full life Cat Beach knows all too well the challenges women face on a daily basis. There are lot's of pressures placed on us to do well, live healthy, work hard.

Cat's ambitions have always pushed her to give her best. Acting was her original career passion but as life took her through different phases her ambitions changed. Currently shes working on her music, her new EP, a healthy routine of diet and exercise, and on motivating and coaching others to help them lead healthy productive lives.

Her first album “Love Me Out Loud” was recorded in 2009 and her most recent “Celebration Under the Sun” is an amazing collection of songs from the heart. It could be described as an expression of strength and warmth, depicting a personal journey of surrender, from life's struggles and challenges. Yet all the while it encourages hope and a passion for life.

Musical influences in Cat's life include legends Joni Mitchell, Carol King, and her all time favorite James Taylor. She said James Taylor was the biggest influence and that she listened to his music all the time. She has also written and worked with some of the industries finest singer/songwriters. Mitzi Knight, Sally Garcia, Dan Hagen, Tom Schafer and Chris Crane. But the most influential and dynamic of those is Ned Albright. Cat will tell you he is the single most important writing partner and co-writer that she's worked with who has, in her own words, “profoundly changed her life”, and has taught her to embrace who she is within and create her own style. She said her career would not be what it is today without him.

Artists who have shared their passion for music on Cat's albums and on stage are Lee Sklar, Dean Parks, Herman Matthews, Ned Albright, Kim Yarbrough, Kevin Ricard and Gia Ciambotti. Currently  Jason Cohen, Andre Madatian, Kris Luis, Justin Lacey, Lo Carter and April Rucker make up Cat Beach and The Surfers.

Cat was heavily influenced by her grandmother with regards to her music. “These Hands” is a song about her grandmother and how the advice she gave helped to pull Cat back together after a rough patch in her life. Cat's velvety voice soothes you and brings you in to the story as if you were there when it happened. It's a story about courage, faith and family.

“My Grandmother said, “our world is all about fighting to survive, remember that.” She spoke of how hard work feed the family and that “if these hands can feed me I can move on in life”...I always remembered that.” ~Cat Beach~

As we talked I asked Cat where the inspiration for her songs comes from. She said the lyrics from the most special part of her heart and soul. That every thing she writes about comes from her own life and that everything you hear in her songs is what she's lived.

“The good, the bad and the truly disorienting. I've lived them all and I'm hoping in sharing my lyrics of life someone out there might be going through the same thing and for a brief moment listening and realize that their not alone in this crazy world. I feel that as musicians and performers we have an obligation to help the people of this world FEEL SOMETHING....”~ Cat Beach~

Health and fitness have always been a big part of Cat's life along with her music and she's found an amazing way to combine both for the greater good. She said that fitness and weight lifting helped her create a strong body, mind and spirit so that she could keep up with the pace of her every day life and life as a professional musician. After years of meeting and talking with other professional musicians and performers about their own survival stories and struggles she felt that there was a special message that needed to be shared with the world. She said that most people are focused on just weight loss and not healing the entire body, so after years of working with mentors and coaches who taught her how to change her mind set from using the word loss and applying the word gain she was able to create a positive outlook that would benefit everyone.

If we viewed our bodies as beautiful gifts that we need to love, embrace and nurture we could have a more positive outlook on our every day life and our careers. It was through this new found outlook on life that “Music In Motion” was created.

“I thought to myself what if we looked from a different angle and took a brief moment to view our bodies as amazing gifts that we desperately needed to take care of, love and nurture. What if we stopped dieting it down and starving it ...what if we stopped over feeding it because our emotions said we need to cover it with instant 'taste' gratification? What if, as a culture, together we became a STRONGER team?” ~Cat Beach~

This is where “Music In Motion” was born. From the desire to spread the message of loving our bodies and not breaking them down and all the while using something that truly inspires Together with other performers who faced tremendous adversity in their careers and daily lives, Cat is showing us how to overcome affliction and hardship by proving that if nourished our bodies at their strongest may be unstoppable. 

The goal is to take “Music In Motion”, which tentatively kicks off  in early 2017, nationwide across America and share the message that this is not just a seminar it's also a celebration of life. Along with the knowledge shared on individual disciplines of fitness and physical transformation by medical professionals and entertainers who each have first hand knowledge of life changing events related to their health, there will be a concert celebration by those entertainers and artists who have shared their own personal stories.

Aside from the “Music In Motion” over the course of the next four months, Cat will also be working on a video for two of her songs, “Soul Shine Pizza and “Does This Groove Make My Butt Look Big. Both are top selling new singles and are fun, happy songs.

Cat Beach is an amazing woman. Her voice is unique with a distinctive texture of warmth, richness, and sultry conviction. The lyrics are heart-warming, inspiring, and at times humbling. She's living her passion, a passion to share her story, her music and her drive for life.

“Stay on the good side of life. Be good to your body, mind, and spirit.” ~Cat Beach~

*The material included in this article is the sole property of the writer, (Sherryl Craig,) and the photographer, (Cilene Bosch.) All elements may be used in other publications as determined by the owners. Permission must be obtained for reproduction.

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Renowned Guitarist ERIC GALES Brings His Fiery Brand Of Blues Rock Deep Into The Heart Of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip!

Los Angeles, CA - Blues rock phenom Eric Gales set Hollywood’s Sunset Strip on fire last year with his six-string pyrotechnics at an explosive concert performance in the legendary Viper Room. Audiences were treated to a truly spectacular concert as Gales let loose on a string of Southern fried soulful blues favorites from his back catalog including “Block The Sun” and “The Open Road” PLUS tracks from his most recent album Good For Sumthin’ including a smokin’ hot cover of The Stones’s “Miss You” featuring a special guest appearance by Good For Sumthin’ producer Raphael Saadiq (John Legend, The Roots) on bass! Now, this concert experience is coming to home theaters everywhere as a special CD/DVD combo package called A Night On The Sunset Strip to be released this July 8, courtesy of Cleopatra Blues. This one will melt your eyes and your ears!

Check out the trailer for the concert DVD here:

Eric Gales came to national prominence in 1991 when he won Guitar World’s Best New Talent award. A brilliantly dynamic performer, Gales started releasing solo albums and wowing audiences in 2001 with a style and sound that frequently reminds listeners of the late great Jimi Hendrix, whose upside down Fender Strat playing Gales emulates. No wonder then that Gales was asked to headline the extremely popular Experience Hendrix Tour joining a line-up that includes a true who’s who of guitar masters including Eric Johnson and Zakk Wylde both of whom make guest appearances on Good For Sumthin’. Gales also recently supported Grammy award winner Lauryn Hill for her appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon promoting the Nina Simone tribute album Nina Revisited. Look for more releases from this extraordinary performer on Cleopatra Records!

Track List:
1. Intro
2. Make It There
3. The Change In Me
4. Block The Sun
5. The Open Road
6. Sea Of Bad Blood
7. Bass & Drum Solos / Guitar Solo
8. Swamp
9. 1019
10. Good For Sumthin’
11. Miss You

Order the CD:
Order the digital version:

Press inquiries:
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11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
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Retro Psychedelic Review: Purson-Desire’s Magic Theatre

Genre:  Retro Psychedelic
Release Date: 29th April 2016
Label: Spinefarm Records

Formed initially in 2011 by Rosalie Cunningham, George Hudson, Samuel Shove, Barnaby Maddick and Jack Hobbs, Purson released singles in 2012 (Rocking Horse) and early 2013 (Leaning On A Bear) before the debut album appeared later in 2013, The Circle and the Blue Door. There then followed another single release in 2013 (The Contract/Blueprint of the Dream) and in 2014, the 4 track EP, In The Meantime.

Moving forward to 2016, Purson have just released their second full length album, Desire’s Magic Theatre. This is a 10 track album with a running time just over 44 minutes (44:20) and a shortest track, track 7, “The Way It Is,” playing for 2:42 minutes, with the final track, “The Bitter Suite” being the longest on offer at 7:11 minutes.

The band behind the new album, Desire’s Magic Theatre, are Rosalie Cunningham (guitars and vocals), George Hudson (guitars), Samuel Robinson (keyboards), Justin Smith (bass) and Raphael Mura (drums), with Rosalie and George being original members of the band.

First up on this new release is the title track, “Desire’s Magic Theatre” (6:23) which starts with a train, some cheering and then morphs into a slow thumper of a track with a bass that would best be described as “intentionally fuzzy.” Rosalie’s vocals carry the song along and from time to time, the fuzz bass gets a rest. Around 2 minutes into the music, the whole song gets turned on its head and becomes almost gentile before evolving into swirling organ behind the voice, then goes through several tempo changes before the track starts to build up again. There is also a false stop around the 5 minute mark, before the flute and the swirling organ combine to escort the track out. This is an intriguing opener as it changes direction so many times and I will admit to having mixed feelings. Sometimes I feel this opening track is great, other times, not so, but this is a very personal view.

Apart from the play on words with the title of track 2, “Electric Landlady” (4:00), the music simply shouts “Hendrix” at you, although the vocals from Rosalie are far removed from the man. Astute listeners may also catch a little bit of the Dr. Who theme a couple of times in the intro, or is that just me? This is another track that takes sudden shifts into different styles, but for some reason, this seems to work on this track more than the opening track.

Further on in the album, “Mr Howard” (4:16) has a start that recalls Norman Greenbaums’ “Spirit In The Sky” before it quickly fills with chunky guitars and superb swirling organ themes. Rosalie’s voice is in good form and the song simply motors along. The keyboards get a chance to really shine from around 1 minute into the track and the sound becomes more psychedelic with vocals to match. Around the 3 minute mark, the guitar gets the chance to show off a bit before the excellent organ takes over behind the voice again.

The longest, and last, track on Desire’s Magic Theatre, “The Bitter Suite” (7:24) starts off with dramatic piano, strings and a vocal which hints at soundtrack music and then slowly builds. There is a definite hint of “Bond….James Bond” about the opening couple of minutes before the keyboards and the flute take over. This then reverts to the original theme for a short time before moving into a jazz based section. The flute dances away happily as the vocal takes on an echo effect and there is a tempo change, driven along by the bass. The band, with this track, show how good musicians they are as the unfolding of the track sees the music fly off in many directions. As the track fades, we once again hear the sound of the train which disappears off into the distance.

I find this album, Desire’s Magic Theatre, a bit of a conundrum, as I enjoy some parts more than others, but you could spend all of your time trying to identify where themes and snatches of music have originated from, rather than enjoying the music. Having said that, I feel that the album is one that will require many plays for you to find its musical niche, and as yet, I haven’t, but I think that many people will enjoy this album immensely. 

4/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Electric Landlady, Mr Howard, The Bitter Suite

01. Desire’s Magic Theatre
02.  Electric Landlady
03.  Dead Down Dodo
04.  Pedigree Chums
05.  The Sky Parade
06.  The Window Cleaner
07.  The Way It Is
08.  Mr Howard
09.  I Know
10.  The Bitter Suite

Jim “The Ancient One” Lawson-Sr. Reviewer Prog Rock Music Talk
June 22, 2016
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Jazz-Fusion Legends BRAND X Reunite To Tour U.S. Fall 2016/Spring 2017!

NYC - Legendary Jazz-Rock-Fusion band BRAND X has reunited and is preparing to celebrate their reunion with a Fall 2016/Spring 2017 U.S. tour, including a headline performance at Progtoberfest in Chicago on October 21st. Also on this initial run will be shows in Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland and Boston to name a few.

BRAND X are recognized as true musical pioneers, as they helped create an entire musical genre and influenced a broad spectrum of musicians and bands, from Phish to Dream Theatre. They are unrivaled in their creativity, originality and approach. Their contemporaries include bands such as Weather Report, Headhunters, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jaco Pastorious and Chick Corea, all crafting a unique blend of Jazz, Rock, and Ethic influences now widely known by fans worldwide as Fusion.

Many claim it’s BRAND X's unique combination of masterful chops mixed with their childlike melodies that make so special. Some musicians play from inside their own world, but John Goodsall, Percy Jones, Kenwood Dennard and the guys from BRAND X play from their own universe!

REUNION: After years of rumors of a potential reunion, it is finally happening. Three of the four main members came together recently in New York, and according to sources present at the rehearsals, listening to them play was “ traveling back in time to the legendary 'Livestock' album – there was no question this was BRAND X! Their sound was uncannily identical to the BRAND X of 'Livestock' – and that in itself speaks volumes”


* John Goodsall (Guitars): Original BRAND X guitarist says, “It's a better version now. We’re all a lot more experienced – a lot more skilled… And that goes for every one of us.”

* Percy Jones (Bass): Original BRAND X bassist says, “This music takes us back to a certain space – which was really cool. I wasn't sure I’d ever feel that feeling again – and yet here it is!”

* Kenwood Dennard (Drums): Original BRAND X drummer who’s also played with Sting and Jaco Pastorious says, “When we used to play this music, it felt eternal. We used to get into a zone where it felt so deep. Now that's exactly how it felt again.”

* Chris Clark (Keyboards): Formerly of John Entwistle Band (The Who), and Richie Cannata's Band (Billy Joel).

* Scott Weinberger (Percussionist): Sessions with Adrian Belew, and live with The Security Project (Jerry Marotta, formerly of Peter Gabriel and Trey Gunn formerly of King Crimson)

The reunited BRAND X will be performing material from their first three albums on these initial tours in October and November 2016.  

“Unorthodox Behaviour” was a superb debut album. Members Percy Jones, Phil Collins, Morris Pert, John Goodsall and Robin Lumley had been doing sessions for Brian Eno, and banded together for this initial release.

“Moroccan Roll”: Surprises everyone by hitting #37 in the UK charts. Experimenting with some Eastern tonalities, including a shimmering Sitar played by Goodsall on “Sun In The Night”, BRAND X create an uncanny masterpiece – a fusion album with melodies. Percussionist Morris Pert now joins the band, and manages to bang on everything including a few kitchen sinks. Robin Lumley's “Disco Suicide” is as catchy as it is clever. Percy Jones galloping “Malaga Virgen” races with furious Bass and Drums – and remains a show-stopper live.

“Livestock”: A true live album in every sense of the word. Recorded at gigs at Hammersmith Odeon and Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, it shows that band at their most mature with finesse and macho chops rarely heard live. Robin Lumley has stated that the entire Livestock album was mixed in one day with absolutely no overdubs.

For more information:

Norman Bedford
O: 305-754-4044
C: 786-216-4677

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,

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Drum Legend Terry Bozzio Presents a Solo Musical Performance on World's Largest Tuned Drum & Percussion Set on Forthcoming US Tour!

An Evening with TERRY BOZZIO US Tour 2016

Los Angeles, CA – Drum legend Terry Bozzio, known for his work with Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, UK and his critically acclaimed solo ventures, celebrates his latest release “Terry Bozzio Composer Series” with “An Evening With Terry Bozzio” US tour! This will be a night of solo drumming and include compositions from throughout his career, as well as improvisation. It is by no means a clinic or a workshop. Enjoy an intimate evening of Terry Bozzio and his monster sculpture of a drum kit together for the first time in seated venues across Europe.

“TERRY BOZZIO - An Evening of Solo Drum Music” is a unique, intense, dynamic, spiritualistic, melodic, orchestral, atmospheric, and musical performance on the largest tuned drum & percussion set in the world. Unless you have seen Terry, you have no idea what you are in for. Bozzio is an enigmatic, evocative, and engaging musician whose instrument just happens to be the drums. Terry Bozzio is able to accompany himself with bass note patterns and, at the same time, melodically solo on top with highly developed coordination skills to express a complete musical statement on the drum set alone. Drawing from jazz, classical, & ethnic percussion styles from around the world, Terry Bozzio is “a storyteller,” able to weave a hypnotic spell over audiences and enthrall them with an eclectic experience filled with contrast, variety, intimacy, excitement, & passion.

“I'm looking forward to this extensive US tour in Aug-Nov 2016. I'll have some new pieces to play on my big kit & hopefully some surprises for you in this new show.” - Terry Bozzio

Terry has had tremendous success with his last coast-to-coast North American tour, as well as his last two Terry Bozzio solo drum performance tours in Europe (2012 included his headline show at the Jazz Festival Frankfurt – the oldest jazz festival in the world – and 2013 which included sold out performances in Sweden, Germany, Eastern Europe, and France). Please note that this is not a bombastic 2 hour drum solo. This is MUSIC on drums, “an evening with Terry Bozzio.” In most of Bozzio’s works, he accompanies himself with bass lines while soloing over it melodically on the tuned toms. There is space, classical forms & structures, ambient electronic loops, and atmospheric percussion effects, as well as some exciting & fiery drumming that brings audiences to their feet!

“Terry Bozzio Composer Series” was released in Japan in the fall 2015! 59 Compositions, with 59 Paintings for each title on a 4 CD, 1 live performance/interview/drum setup DVD & Art Booklet in a Vinyl Sized Package! (On the Ward Records Label). For those of you who may have seen Terry on tour, the house music he played was only some of this material! Terry has been composing in & beyond all genres for several decades: Classical, Fusion, Electronic, Ambient, Rock & Jazz!

Terry just finished a sold out Tokyo show called “The History of Terry Bozzio”, w/ a Japanese All-Star Band, filmed for TV Broadcast and an upcoming DVD (Oct. release - Ward Records). He performed and sung tunes from his past recordings w/ Zappa, Beck, UK, Missing Persons, Bozzio Levin Stevens, Brecker Bros. & Billy Sheehan! Terry plans to mount this show in Europe & the US in future.

Just Released: the Brecker Bros. Heavy Metal Bebop Reunion Band 2CD set from a live concert at Club Citta in Kawasaki, w/ original members. (Ward Records)

“An Evening with Terry Bozzio” US Tour 2016
*Celebrating the release of "Terry Bozzio Composer Series" CD Box Set*

August 14, 2016 US-AZ-Phoenix, MIM Music Theater
August 19, 2016 US-CO-Denver, Soiled Dove
August 20, 2016 US-CO-Denver, Soiled Dove
August 23, 2016 US-OK-Tulsa, The Vanguard
August 26, 2016 US-TX-Fort Worth, McDavid Studio
August 28, 2016 US-TX-Austin, One World Theater
September 03, 2016 US-GA-Atlanta, City Winery
September 04, 2016 US-AL-Birmingham, Saturn
September 07, 2016 US-MO-St. Louis, 2720 Cherokee  NEW!!!
September 08, 2016 US-MO-Springfield, Nathan P. Murphy´s  NEW!!!
September 11, 2016 US-TN-Nashville, City Winery
September 15, 2016 US-FL-Orlando, Plaza Live
September 16, 2016 US-FL-Largo, Largo Cultural Center
September 19, 2016 US-NC-Raleigh, The Pour House Music Hall
September 20, 2016 US-DC-Washington, D.C., Hamilton´s
September 22, 2016 US-PA-Philadelphia, World Café
September 23, 2016 US-PA-New Hope, Havana
September 25, 2016 US-NY-New York City, City Winery
September 27, 2016 US-CT-Stafford Springs, Stafford Palace Theater
September 28, 2016 US-NY-Kingston, Woodstock Music Lab
September 29, 2016 US-MA-Fall River, Narrows Center for the Arts
October 03, 2016 US-MI-Detroit, The Token Lounge
October 10, 2016 US-IL-Chicago, City Winery
October 11, 2016 US-WI-Milwaukee, Shank Hall
October 13, 2016 US-MN-Minneapolis, The Dakota  NEW!!!
October 18, 2016 US-WA-Seattle, The Triple Door
October 19, 2016 US-OR-Portland, Doug Fir Lounge
October 20, 2016 US-OR-Eugene, WOW Theater
October 23, 2016 US-CA-Oakland, Yoshi´s
(more dates to be announced)

Terry Bozzio's Official Drum Tech: Michel Weekhout

For more information:
Terry Bozzio biography:


Phone:  0049-(0)-8324-933-851
Fax:  0049-(0)-8324-933-829
E-Mail: ;

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(photo by Nakamura)

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New Age Fusion Review: Monica Logani-Secret Garden

Release Date: April 22, 2016
Label: Independent

Monica Logani began her journey into music as a seven year old child. Off and on over the years her wanderings continued, but the music bug bit hard when a friend gave her an abandoned Weber piano. From there she went on to study and Secret Garden is the compilation of her five year journey. At times New Age, rock, world music and classical, this album reaches across genre borders and creates an emotive journey that speaks of a mother's love for her children, day to day experiences and the people that have made a difference in her life. The album was mastered by the Grammy award winning Corin Nelson.

"The Gardener" is the first track on the album and is a bittersweet glimpse into the life of a man dear to Logani's heart. Her personal gardener was a man who loved his craft and the flowers he tended. Each whimsical note depicts both beauty and sadness. With edges of rock and classical strains, we can envision a brightly colored garden, rich with life and love. When the gardener passed away, it left a hole in the artist's life but gone is not forgotten if you keep the person alive in your heart. Flowers bloom and life goes on. In each delicate note beauty unfolds.

"Bali Bells" begins with a piano movement and blends with electronic elements of Indonesian and Indian origin with classical influences. Fluid and organic the three genres blend together to create a seamless composition of life, love and happiness. Children dancing in a brightly colored garden, the happy smiles bringing life and love even during the bumpy times, family are where the heart is.

"Between Two Worlds" has a world music sound that captured my attention immediately. The sitar morphs into a tender piano sequence that speaks of introspection. Caught between two forces, Western and Eastern or perhaps two lovers, the conflict and bursts of hope are effervescent in every note. The moody nature of the piece calls to me as a writer and I can't help but listen to it over and over again.

Monica Logani's debut album Secret Garden is a shining example of the fusion of many different styles of music. They are blended together to craft a sound all her own that is both emotive and uplifting. New Age, rock, world music and classical all blend together for a sound that any connoisseur of music will appreciate. Logani is going on my watch list and I expect to see even more great things in the years to come.

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: The Gardener, Bali Bells, Between Two Worlds


01. The Gardener
02. Anthem
03. Autumn Sky
04. Amber Rust
05. Starboard
06. Carousel
07. Butterfly
08. Bali Bells
09. Nonlinear Love
10. Second Hand
11. Journey's End
12. Between Two Worlds

Dana Wright, Sr. Staff Writer
June 17, 2016
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Mahavishnu Orchestra Violin Legend JERRY GOODMAN Releases A Brand New Collection Of New And Rare Recordings!

Los Angeles, CA - Jerry Goodman is simply one of the most unique and explosive talents the rock world has ever seen: a violin player trained in classical music with an ear for jazz and the attitude and looks of a true rock n’ roller! Known for his work with Chicago-based prog fusion band The Flock and John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra as well as studio sessions with everyone from Hall & Oats to Styx, Goodman deftly combined his influences into a vibrant musical vision all his own. Now, Goodman is set to release a thrilling new collection, the first to appear under his own name since 1988, called Violin Fantasy and scheduled to street July 1 courtesy of Purple Pyramid Records! This incredible album includes 2 never before heard instrumentals, “In The Realm Of The Netherworld” and the title track, “Violin Fantasy,” as well as brilliant cover versions of classic rock staples such as “Enter Sandman,” “Don’t Stop Believin',” “Eye Of The Tiger,” “The Final Countdown” and many more! Also included are selections from the star-studded Fusion Syndicate project featuring keyboardist Rick Wakeman and the equally big-named Prog Collective featuring King Crimson bassist Tony Levin and Yes's Billy Sherwood. This one-of-a-kind collection is sure to please longtime fans of this gifted instrumentalist and will stand as a testament to Goodman’s hugely influential musical legacy.

Track List:
1. Enter Sandman
2. In The Realm Of The Netherworld
3. Dream Weaver (Alternate Mix) with Nektar
4. Baba O’Riley (Alternate Mix)
5. Violin Fantasy
6. The Laws Of Nature with Tony Levin & Billy Sherwood
7. Rock On
8. In The Air Tonight
9. Don’t Stop Believin’
10. Random Acts Of Science with Rick Wakeman
11. Eye Of The Tiger
12. The Final Countdown

Buy the CD:
Buy the digital download:

Press inquiries:
Glass Onyon PR
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11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
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