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Pop/Rock Review: The Turtles-45 RPM Vinyl Singles Collection

Release Date: September, 16, 2014
Label: FloEdCo/Manifesto

Flo and Eddie (Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan), two of the driving forces of the 60s pop stars The Turtles, have released all of their hits on a limited edition 7” vinyl box set. 8 newly mastered 45s that include 16 tracks. The music has been long out of print and will surely delight their fans and those that collect vinyl. Vinyl sales have been increasing for a few years now and the resurgence is helping artists to sell their music again. After all you can’t share or download a vinyl 45 in its original state.

This is the first time in the band’s history they released their entire hit singles collection in one vinyl box set including the lesser known rare tracks. I was just a little guy when they were in their prime but I do clearly remember their songs particularly “Happy Together,” “She'd Rather Be with Me” and “Elenore.” I am certainly not the only one in my age group or older that would remember those three songs. They all made their mark and are recognized worldwide to this day.

The attraction is not only the pure pop genius of these songs, it’s the presentation of high quality vinyl remastered specifically for the format. All the songs sound crisp and clear and you don’t need a high end stereo system to enjoy the 45s. This is timeless pop rock that is simple, original, and puts you in a time capsule all your own. If you grew up in that time period, remember it as a child, or this is an introduction, there is tremendous joy in what you will hear on this special release.

The 45 RPM Vinyl Singles Collection comes in a nice cardboard box and each record has a sleeve to protect it. It is music like this and the format that are attracting older fans and newer fans alike. This is history and now you can hold it in your hand, admire it, share with it family and friends and cherish it for years to come. Now tell me what download on iTunes can do that? There is only a limited amount of copies produced so get yours now!

If you are interested in reading the entire history of the band you can download a 10 page PDF on their website.

4.5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Happy Together, She'd Rather Be with Me, Elenore

Disc 1: It Ain't Me Babe / You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain
Disc 2: Let Me Be / Love In The City
Disc 3: You Baby / You Know What I Mean
Disc 4: Happy Together / Grim Reaper Of Love
Disc 5: She'd Rather Be With Me / Story Of Rock And Roll
Disc 6: She's My Girl / Can I Get To Know You Better
Disc 7: Elenore / Outside Chance
Disc 8: You Showed Me / Sound Asleep

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-Write A Music Review Founder

September 16, 2014

Review Provided By Write A Music

Legendary Narada Michael Walden Produces Conscious Songstress Christina Holmes Debut Album 'Peace, Love, and C. Holmes' Due For Release October 14, 2014

Narragansett, RI – In June 2013, Christina Holmes, a singer/songwriter originally from New Jersey, now based in Rhode Island, was presented with the opportunity to record her debut album with multi-platinum producer Narada Michael Walden after he heard some of her demos and was blown away by her raw talent. Walden has produced music royalty like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin, and worked with world-class musicians like Sting, Carlos Santana and Lenny Kravitz. He bonded not only with her talent, but also with the message her music represents. Soon after Christina flew to California to begin working with Narada at his legendary Tarpan Studios.

Christina was a little nervous heading in to the studio knowing how talented and successful Narada was, but he made her feel at home. Before the two started recording they both sat down and grooved together musically. With Narada on drums and Christina on vocals and guitar, they jammed together for hours. Everything was so effortless that they could tell right away they were meant to work together. Christina began to record with Narada throughout the summer of 2013 and into early 2014, and during that time she wrote and recorded 21 songs. In July of 2014, Narada offered Christina a record deal with his newly founded label, Tarpan Records. Christina signed and is now releasing her debut album, Peace, Love, and C. Holmes on October 14th, 2014. The album contains 16 amazing original compositions featuring many amazing guest performers. All of the Vocals, most of the Guitars, and even some of the drum tracks were performed by Christina.

After a few years of playing everywhere from open mics, bars, and smaller local venues to busking on the street, she thought it was time to try something bigger. She came across an ad for auditions to be on “Amateur Night at the Apollo” and knew it was the perfect opportunity to finally show what she could do. She auditioned and on the spot was asked to play at their next show. On June 6th, 2012 Christina took the stage at the legendary Apollo Theater, and the audience response was overwhelming. Christina says “It was an absolute honor to be able to play on that stage, and I couldn't believe it when I received a standing ovation.”

That day truly changed Christina’s life and made her 100% confident in herself. She went on to book a small east coast tour, put out original music on YouTube, joined Musicians on Call and continued to plow forward doing what she loved. Christina Holmes now has a fan base that is growing every day, and has had the opportunity to play legendary venues such as Eddie's Attic in Atlanta, The Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago, and The Middle East in Boston.

Christina’s new album is titled Peace, Love, and C. Holmes… because it's a little bit of peace, a little bit of love, and a whole lot of C. Holmes. She has always been passionate about music and enthusiastic about helping people, so why not put the two together? Her main goal has always been to spread her music to anyone who is willing to listen, with the hope of changing his or her day for the better.

Christina says “Music is healing in so many ways and I want to bring positivity to the world through my music. I have seen firsthand, while working with Musicians on Call, how powerful music can be for a person’s life. People spend too much time focusing on the negative and the hatred in life, and I want to be able to shed some light in the world. My music is not only how I express how I feel, but it’s also been my way of being able to bring out the best of the people who listen.”

Christina plans to tour in support her new album with a half dozen “CD Release” events on both the east and west coast of the USA. She will perform in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as well as showcasing in Northern California around the album’s release date.

Visit Christina’s Website or Social Media pages for sound samples or more information about this release and future tour dates and promotions at www.christinaholmesmusic.com

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Con Funk Shun Percussionist D. Edward Readies New Full-Length Album 'Love Is' Featuring Many Special Guests and Set For Release on October 21st, 2014

Oakland, CA – D. Edward, Singer/Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist, has played with numerous groups over his long and storied career, and now releases his new solo project titled 'Love Is', releasing worldwide on October 21st, 2014. 'Love Is' was two years in the making and features catchy hooks and grooves with a familiar, yet unique and modern pop and retro soul sound. D. Edward has the ability to sound different on every song yet maintain his own signature style throughout.

'Love Is' features Grammy Award Winners Pianist Laura Sullivan, Trumpet player Steffen Kuehn and Saxophonist Tony Peebles from 2013 Grammy winning band Pacific Mambo Orchestra, and Billboard Music Award Winner Leah Tysse. Also featured on the new album is Marlon “Wild Bill” Curry, Percussionist for R&B hit-maker Kem, Bassist Eric EQ Young, who the legendary Larry Graham calls his direct Bass legacy, and Ben Reyes, who recorded on Bobby Brown’s multi-platinum 'Don’t Be Cruel' album. Love Is was recorded at Chungo Boogie Music Studio in Oakland, CA, and at the legendary Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA. Grammy Award winning engineer Michael Starita mixed the entire album at Green Day’s Jingletown Studios in Oakland, California. The album will be released on D. Edward’s own 10th and Clay Records.

An Oakland California native, D. Edward began his musical journey growing up in an eclectic musical household, influenced by what his parents and older brothers were listening to on the radio and on records. These influences included old school R&B/Funk, Soul, Pop, Hip Hop, Country, Latin and African music, as well as crooners like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

D. Edward’s career thrived in the 90’s San Francisco Acid Jazz scene for many years playing percussion and keyboards, and he co-produced 2 CDs with a group called Know Jazz. During this time D. Edward recorded with celebrity DJs Jay-J and Julius Papp on 'The Shuffle - EP Vol. 1'.

He is an accomplished percussionist and currently tours with legendary R&B/Funk group Con Funk Shun. He is also currently working with 2013 Grammy winner Laura Sullivan on her new project and has worked with Genevieve Goings from Disney’s Choo Choo Soul, Actress/Singer Brely Evans, DJ Alex Mejia, Grammy winner Samuelle of Club Nouveau, Songwriter Taura Stinson ("Black Nativity" “Rio2”) and Grammy nominated producer PC Muñoz

His first solo CD 'Little Red Box' gained radio airplay around the USA. His song Truly broke the Top 20 of the FMQB Adult Contemporary Chart and his album topped out at number 21 on the SmoothJazz.com Top 50 Radar Chart.

D. Edward is also on the Board of the Keep Music Rockin' Foundation, which helps to raise funds and offers educational clinics to the music student/programs of the San Leandro Unified School District.

Love Is releases direct-to-fans on September 16th, 2014, via D. Edward’s Bandcamp page and worldwide on October 21st, 2014. For more information on CD release parties, new music samples, or to join the mailing list check out his website www.dedwardmusic.com

For Physical Distribution Inquiries please contact Steffen Franz or Ben Lang at Independent Distribution Collective at 415-292-7007 or via e-mail sales@independentdistro.com

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Progressive Rock Review: Simon McKechnie-Newton’s Alchemy

Release Date: 26th August 2014
Label:    Voyager Records

Simon McKechnie is a composer, arranger and musician based in London, and again is a new name to this reviewer. Simon has been active since around the start of the millennium and has composed music for the BBC, founded the fusion band, Azul, has been the guitarist in the backing band for the Portugese artist, Nuno Silva and also debuted as a solo artist in 2011. His debut release was London Reborn, which was his “take” on old London folk songs and the follow-up release was Clocks and Dark Clouds in 2013. This 2013 release eased him towards the more progressive side of music and his new album, Newton’s Alchemy, is a prog rock album based around Isaac Newton’s quest to “uncover the deepest mysteries of existence.”

Newton’s Alchemy features Simon (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, dulcimer, psaltery and percussion), Adam Riley (drums), Clare Salaman (nyckelharpa) and Jan Hendrickse (bass flute). To help out with a couple of the instruments, the psaltery is a stringed instrument of the zither family and the nyckelharpa, is a traditional keyed harp.

The album, Newton’s Alchemy, contains 9 tracks with a combined playing time of around 55 minutes. The shortest track included is the penultimate track, “A Great Secret” at 3:14 minutes and “Animated Mercury” is the longest track on offer at 9:11 minutes. An interesting fact about the lyrics on the album is that they are a mixture of quotes from Isaac Newton and original material from Simon. I’m not sure that attempting to fuse these two sources works perfectly and at times feel the lyrics seem “clumsy” and don’t gel particularly with the music.

“The First Matter” (7:51), the album opener starts with some gentle sounds merging into some wonderful electric and acoustic guitar parts before Simon’s voice puts in an appearance. The fusion of the music and the lyrics I find at times strangely distracting, despite listening to the album many times. The music is original and switches tempo suddenly, maintaining interest and at times, the vocals seem to work very well, but appear “at odds” with the music at other times. Some of the vocal styling brings to mind that of Freddie Mercury, but there are swathes of spoken/chanted sections throughout the album.

There are 3 tracks that seem to be linked, through the Emerald Tablet, an “enigmatic document believed by alchemists to have ancient origins and hold the key to understand first matter and transmutation.” “Miracles Of Only One Thing” (3:48), “The Father Of All Perception” (3:24) and “Force Above All Other Force” (3:25) all carry the sub-titles “Emerald Tablet Parts 1, 2 and 3.” The lyrics of this trilogy are the translations of the Tablet by Isaac Newton. The music on these three tracks is very atmospheric, with some themes being linked and the skill of the musicians involved shines through. The violin, acoustic guitar and flute all provide superb passages within the tracks.

“The Work Begins” (8:51), “Star Regulus” (7:23), “Animated Mercury” (9:11) and “Turning Of The Wheel” (8:24) have a continuation of the stunning musicianship that is so prevalent throughout this album, but I will readily admit that I am still unsure as to whether I like the album or not. At times I get immersed in the soundscapes that are being woven and yet at other points this just does not happen.

 At the moment of writing this review I am really enjoying he final track, “Turning Of The Wheel”, which I had failed to “get into” previously, such are the underlying complexities presented by this album.

Newton’s Alchemy is definitely an album that you require to hear several times and then you may be able to decide whether you fall on one side of the fence of the other.

While I have been excited by some of the new music I have come across in the last year or so, there have been some examples that have underwhelmed me and my grading has indicated this. Newton’s Alchemy has presented me with the biggest problem to date as I am not sure if it is a tremendous album or not and has made the grading a complex task.

4/5 Stars

Key Tracks: The Work Begins, Animated Mercury, Turning Of The Wheel

Tracks:The First Matter
Miracles Of Only One Thing  ( Emerald Tablet 1)
The Work begins
The Father Of All Perception ( Emerald Tablet 2)
Star Regulus
Force Above All Force  ( Emerald Tablet 3)
Animated Mercury
A Great Secret
Turning Of The Wheel


Jim “The Ancient One” Lawson-Sr. Reviewer Prog Rock Music Talk

September 15, 2014

Review Provided By Prog Rock Music Talk

Exclusive Interview with Paul Nelson

Exclusive Write A Music Review Interview 
With Paul Nelson

Life With Johnny Winter And After

By Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

Paul Nelson had been working with Johnny Winter Since 2001 as his guitarist, producer, song writer and above all trusted friend. After several years I got a chance to talk with Paul again, about the man’s music, his untimely passing, and the latest album release and what he plans to do now.

MuzikMan: Paul it was great to talk to you again after all these years!  The last time we met was in January 2009 at a gig. I know it’s been hard on you losing Johnny so suddenly. 

Paul: Yes it was a great personal loss! We were very close

MuzikMan: What did you learn from Johnny over the years as a musician? 

Paul: Johnny took me under his wing and upon himself to show me everything he listened to and learned from. I was very honored.

MuzikMan:  Certainly what happened was unexpected.  Do you know now what the cause of Johnny’s death was? Was he in your eyes healthy in every way at the time?

Paul: I fear that the final cause of Johnny's passing will be related to his battle with emphysema. He had quit smoking 3 years earlier, but the damage was already done. He had a clean bill of health in every other respect. He exercised both on and off the road, he had stopped doing everything that was bad for him. He was on top of his game. 

MuzikMan:  How many performances were you and Johnny doing every year before he passed?

Paul: We were doing between 100 and 140 shows every year for 8 years. He loved performing; he loved traveling on our tour-bus, and loved the road! 
MuzikMan:  I understand you have been incredibly busy for many years, what changed in your life due to recent events? Are people coming out of the woodwork knocking on your door now?

Paul: Actually - yes - that is the case! I have received many offers from companies for my next solo project, and I am working on material as we speak. Johnny always expressed his support to me in that respect; he always wanted good things for me and my career. 

MuzikMan:  Johnny’s new album sounds amazing and there are so many legendary performers on it. I am sure he was very proud of the recording. Can you take us through how it all began and how it was all pieced together to get to the final product?

Paul: I came up with the concept that I proposed to Johnny, and that was to finally do a series of albums which were totally blues related, but I said; "there would have to be a catch!" I told him that the songs that he chose had to be done by artists that influenced him growing up. I then said that I would bring in guests that would be a tribute to him – then paying tribute to them… He loved the idea and picked all of the songs for the first album "Roots" in 15 minutes. Once he picked the songs, I researched the original versions that he had listened to, worked them out with myself and the band members, then went and learned secondary versions of those same songs to spawn a variety of ideas when we entered the studio. After this was done we rehearsed with Johnny, who then what we called "winterized" the songs - making them his own. We then went in to the studio, recorded the tracks, put down his vocals - and then I began the task of choosing the right guests for the right songs.

MuzikMan:  You have been all over the world before and with Johnny what are your plans for your solo career?

Paul: I plan to continue on the same way I always have. I have worked with many artists before Johnny, with Johnny and will do so into the future… 

MuzikMan:  Can you talk about the Johnny Winter Remembrance Show and how it came about and who is involved?

Paul: After Johnny's passing, our agency had to be contacted to cancel shows that were booked almost a year in advance. When I contacted the agency I was told that there was a huge outpour from the fans that they did not want to return their tickets. They still wanted to hear Johnny's music performed by his band, so we put together the Johnny Winter Remembrance Tour with a host of special guests participating - as well as a screenings of his upcoming movie "Down & Dirty." The first of these shows was with Sonny Landreth and Lance Lopez. Soon more shows with more guests developed with more guests coming on board such as Joe Louis Walker, Gary Hoey, Debbie Davies, Jason Ricci, James Montgomery, Jeff Pitchell, Arlend Roth, Edgar Winter, David Gogo, Mike Zito and the list has been growing…

MuzikMan:  Is there plenty of music in the can from Johnny that can be released in the future? I am sure every blues fan in the world is hoping that will happen!

Paul: With all of his shows and studio work over the years - yes he has left us with a huge body of work yet to be released. 

MuzikMan:  What are the plans moving forward with continuing the legacy of Johnny Winter? Do you think you will consider writing a book about all of your experiences?

Paul: A book hasn't really crossed my mind as of yet, right now I am very happy that Johnny's final album "Step Back" is doing so well and that Johnny's movie will be released soon. 

Interview granted with permission of Paul Nelson. All photos the property of Paul Nelson and Johnny Winter. Copyright MuzikMan Productions 2014.

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Blues Ace Popa Chubby Celebrates 25 Years On The Road With A Brand New Album I’m Feelin’ Lucky And A West Coast Tour!

Los Angeles, CA - Larger than life blues figure Popa Chubby has a lot of reasons to feel lucky this year. 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of his emergence as a powerful force in the venerable New York blues scene with his very own band, and his own unique brand of hard hitting, face melting, blues rock n’ funky soul. And he’ll celebrate this major milestone the only way he knows how, with the release of a smokin’ hot studio album I’m Feelin’ Lucky - coming October 14 on Cleopatra Records - and a series of shows on the West Coast!

“It’s been 25 years and I’m still standing,” declares Popa Chubby, and considering the long and rugged road he’s had to travel, that in itself is a miracle. From his beginning in the late ‘70s as a “bad kid with an afro and a brand new Gibson Midnight Special guitar” to his stint as a punk rock sideman for Screaming Mad George and Richard Hell, among others, to signing a deal with Sony and releasing one of the top selling blues albums of 1994 (the phenomenal Booty And The Beast), Popa Chubby has seen it all and lived to tell about it on well over a dozen studio albums!

His newest effort I’m Feelin’ Lucky gave the veteran musician an opportunity to reflect on his extraordinary career and to work on new musical ideas and arrangements in a relaxed, low-pressure setting. Recording at his home studio in the Hudson Valley, Popa called on some of his closest associates to help bring this album to life, including drummer Chris Reddan, keyboardist Dave Keyes, and bassist Francesco Beccaro. In addition, two very special guests brought even more magic to the proceedings, vocalist Dana Fuchs, mostly known for her role in the 2007 Beatles musical Across The Universe, as well as one of the most revered blues players around today, Mike Zito of the Royal Southern Brotherhood.

I’m Feelin’ Lucky is Popa’s debut album for Cleopatra and contains some of his best and most deeply felt writing. “The Way It Is” is an “urban soul ballad,” he explains, “that’s about those times when you just sit there and you realize that you’re all messed up and there ain’t nothing you can do about it...that’s the blues right there.” The title track is a major slice of “badass funk” with heavy wah wah pedal guitar playing from Popa and “great New Orleans style lyrics.” “I’m A Pitbull (Nothin’ But Love)” may be the song closest to his heart: “I’m a big dog lover. I have a little pitbull and I love him dearly. They’re a very misunderstood breed. I work with people at a pitbull rescue who work with these dogs and train them to be service dogs for veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s a beautiful thing. There is not a more loyal, devoted and emotionally intuitive dog.” It’s these very same qualities in Popa Chubby’s own gracious persona that have been drawing fans to his music for over 2 decades.

Fans will also delight in hearing that Popa Chubby’s Universal Breakdown Tour hits the West Coast later this year with a slew of shows starting in Las Vegas at the Big Blues Bender held in the Riviera Hotel & Casino. For complete tour information, visit www.popachubby.com and get lucky with Popa Chubby!

1. Come To Me (with Dana Fuchs)
2. One Leg At A Time
3. Three Little Words
4. Rollin’ N’ Tumblin’
5. Too Much Information
6. Rock On Bluesman (with Mike Zito)
7. I’m Feelin’ Lucky
8. Save Your Own Life
9. I’m A Pitbull (Nothing But Love)
10. The Way It Is

Check out a video teaser for the album here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_VHUjCw3pM

Order the CD on Amazon: http://geni.us/2Ave

Order the digital version on iTunes: http://geni.us/27sk

9/25 - Las Vegas, NV - Big Blues Bender
9/26 - Ventura, CA - Yolie's
9/27 - Arcadia, CA - Arcadia Blues Club
9/28 - Santa Cruz, CA - Jerry's Front Pocket
9/30 - San Francisco, CA - Biscuits & Blues
10/2 - Crystal Bay, NV - Crystal Bay Club Casino
10/3 - Sacramento - Torch Club
10/4 - Point Arena, CA - Arena Theatre
10/7 - Portland, OR - Duff's Garage
10/8 - Birkenfeld, OR - The Birk
10/9 - Vancouver, BC - Electric Owl
10/10 - Mount Vernon, WA - Lincoln Theatre
10/11 - Seattle, WA - Highway 99 Blues Club

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Atlanta Power Blues-Rock Trio The Tyler Porch Band To Release Second EP 'Only The Sky Knows'

Atlanta, GA – Blues-rock is alive and thriving with the second EP release 'Only The Sky Knows' by The Tyler Porch Band, an Atlanta-based group, formed in March of 2013. Power trios have a long history in rock and blues music, and this trio has every intention of carving their own path into that lineage. Tyler Porch, the 18 year old frontman, takes care of the guitar riffing and vocal responsibilities. Since eleven years old, he's been following in the footsteps of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, and Albert King. He is currently attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Brad Kemp (28), holds down the bass in the trio. He has played guitar in many bands in the past, and turned out to be an excellent bassist. Coming from a heavier musical lineage, Brad helps to add a little more bite to the blues base of the band. Joey Robertson (34), the box-banging extraordinaire behind the kit, keeps the band together. Also coming from a heavier musical history, he and Brad give a heavy foundation on which the syrupy sweet blues licks and raw vocals sit comfortably.

Says Tyler, “The biggest theme in our material is similar to that of many old blues stylings, 'When you love a woman, she'll tear you apart. When don't have a woman, she'll tear you apart then, too.' But at the same time, I wanted the lyrics to come out less like traditional blues and a little more in depth and intriguing. For example, the title track and single of the EP, 'Only The Sky Knows', has the undercurrent of wanting to find that perfect partner in life, and even though there's the possibility that he/she doesn't exist, you look anyway, because hoping is easier than giving up.”

After two months of setup, recording, producing, designing and playing, the trio's latest recording effort is finally done and ready for release. It was recorded in a basement and bedroom, and completely created by band members, Joey Robertson (Drums), Brad Kemp (Bass), and Tyler Porch (Guitar/Vocals). The phrase, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” should be amended to “Where there’s passion, there’s a way!”

Says Tyler, “I think we wanted to prove with this EP that you don't need thousands of dollars of equipment and a huge studio production to create a good quality recording. We chose to go very low key, recording live as much as possible and capturing the feel of band members interacting. The whole production took place in a basement and a bedroom. I had all of the material written, and the guys listened to it and kinda get a feel for it, then we just tried some stuff and figured out what worked and what didn't. It was a lot like throwing stuff at a wall, and if it stuck we kept it, if it didn't we left it on the floor and moved on. It took us about three days to get our base tracks done, then another two days to overdub parts and redo vocals. I did the majority of the mixing and production, with the input of Brad and Joey.”

Recorded in a basement and a bedroom, “Only The Sky Knows” promotional video:

In support of the new release, the trio performed at Harry A's in Saint George Island (Florida) for a two night stand August 13th and 14th. They will be playing back home in the north Atlanta area for the 29th (Jump Kitchen & Saloon) and the 30th (Pure Taqueria Woodstock).

In closing Tyler has this to impart, “The biggest thing we want our fans to understand is that music is made by musicians. I won't point fingers, but there are many artists that are very successful today that I wouldn't call musicians. Now, it takes talent to create likable arrangements of audio and samples, but I wouldn't call that musicianship. We want to help put the musician back into music, and have it just be raw and real and just plain exciting. That's what got all of us into music, and we hope that is can excite and re-inspire my generation to get out there and support or join the musicians doing what we are.”

Tyler Porch Band - EP

Only The Sky Knows - EP


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