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New Age Instrumental/Meditation Review: White Sun-White Sun II

Release Date: August 26, 2016
Label: Be Why
If you enjoy meditation music or yoga I have the right music for you. White Sun is a collaborative of several talented musicians with lead vocals and harmonium provided by the angelic vocals of Gurujas. The is their second release simply titled White Sun II.
Her soft and mesmerizing vocal style draws you in as the music takes hold and carries you through each separate spiritual journey. The vocals are not in English so if you do not have a preference and are open to another language accompanying your music then it will be just as enjoyable. 

Because the music is so beautiful and with Gurujas providing equally gorgeous vocals, it makes for a completely joyous experience. For this music fan I had to step away from the norm, open my mind to a new discovery and let the music and vocals take me where it wanted to. It was an effective method that reaped many rewards.

“Simro Gobind” carries a lovely melody that was reminiscent of a pop song type of flow but make no mistake this is new age meditation music every step of the way. I felt the catchy track gave me a comfort level I would not have expected on this type of release.

“Suniai” is another gorgeous melodic track with vocals that are heaven sent and music that takes it all one level higher straight to the promised land where all music should take you. I would think using this music for meditation purposes would be most appropriate although just sitting back and listening was a lovely journey as well.

“Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur” is yet another work of art with many moments of bliss and beauty.  The flow of positive vibrations is endless on this recording. It is like a river of enlightenment set to music and voice meeting in the middle for a spiritual sojourn that you simply cannot forget.

This was an unconventional listen for me but I am glad I gave it my undivided attention. It proved to me that not understanding the words had nothing to do with the way it was perceived or how it made me feel when it was over. White Sun II is a highly recommended listen for those of you looking for solace from a hectic day.

4/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Simro Gobind, Suniai, Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur

01. Gobinday Mukunday
02. Alai Alai
03. Chattra Chakkra Varti
04. Simro Gobind
05. Suniai
06. Aap Sahaee Hoa Har Har Har
07. Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur
08. Akal Instrumental
09. Akal
10. Hummee Hum
11. Ardas Wahe Guru

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
August 30, 2016
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Cure for Gravity Announce the Release of Their Cinematic and Atmospheric Self-Titled Debut

Oakland, CA – Cure for Gravity delivers an entrancing amalgam of atmospheric synth/alt/prog rock that is cinematic in nature. The trio of Joe Markert (lead vocals, keys, guitar), Chris Gamper (drums and percussion), & Dave Walcott (lead guitar) will release their self-titled debut Cure for Gravity worldwide both physically and digitally on October 14, 2016.  Sometimes classified in genres ranging from Progressive Pop or Synth Rock to Cinematic Alt Rock, Cure for Gravity finds comfort in playing music to a rare world and its listening inhabitants, and will be touring in support of the release throughout 2016 and 2017.

On their new album, the band uses an eclectic blend of electronic and live elements to untether their listeners from this world and transport them into an audio landscape of their own design. Cure for Gravity draws inspirations from an eclectic range of sources, from classic Prog-Rock bands like early Genesis or King Crimson to the experimental electronica of John Cage, at times evoking The Cars or Emerson Lake & Palmer, as well as more recent references like Radiohead, Album Leaf, God is an Astronaut, and The National. It is precisely this eclectic delivery that keeps their fans engaged from track to track and show to show.

Lyrically, Cure for Gravity deals with isolation and helplessness in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. The theme not only fits well with the musical background, but also with the turbulent times we are living in. “BlackMetal,” the album’s first single, explores dark dystopian territory that eerily reflects today’s political landscape, and the band has produced a cinematic music video for the single that perfectly captures this mood. “Push,” their second single, delivers a more optimistic outlook while simultaneously retaining the darker feel of the albums co-inhabitants. “Sunspots,” another of the album’s standout tracks, is an unsettling and dark blend of a Pink Floyd inspired soundscape alongside lead singer Joe Markert’s haunting and Jeff Buckley-esque vocals.

The remainder of the album maintains this sonic thread, shifting us back and forth across the red line from the melodic anthem of “Tonight” all the way through the final John Barry-sounding closer “Killing for the Queen.”  With their new release, Cure for Gravity has displayed a full ownership of their sound, curating their diverse blend of influences into a unique musical offering while showcasing an impressive range of musical talents.

No strangers to hard work, the band has created their own independent record label, Cure for Gravity Records, to release this debut. Cure for Gravity was recorded at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, CA, and produced by Gabriel Shepard and Joe Markert. Expect more new music, the release of the “BlackMetal” music video, and touring both in the USA and Internationally throughout 2016 and 2017.

The Cure for Gravity album will be released worldwide on October 14, 2016 on all digital platforms and in select retailers.

For Music Samples or to Pre-Order Cure For Gravity CD visit: https://cureforgravity.bandcamp.com/

For more information and touring schedule check Cure for Gravity’s website: http://www.cureforgravity.net/

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For live performance bookings and management please contact Cure for Gravity: cureforgravityband@gmail.com

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Southern Halo a Trio of Sisters Rocking the Country Music Air Waves


Sisters to the end, best of friends, and three of the most beautiful, funny, and professional artists I think I’ve ever interviewed.
Southern Halo has been touring and performing professionally for the last eight years. The youngest, Hannah, was just nine years old at the time they played their first professional paying show. They are wise beyond their years yet deep inside they are still, and forever will be, young at heart. They have collaborated and written with heavy hitters Catt Gravitt, Gerald O’Brien, Paul Taylor, and Abby Lane, as well as co-writing and creating individually on the music chosen for their CD and for future recordings.
Cover RewindBorn and raised in Cleveland MS, these three talented young ladies lend an air of southern charm to the Mississippi Delta. Their current single is “Rewind” that also appears on the current self titled CD “Southern Halo”. “Rewind “is filled with the most amazing harmonies and I’m happy to say they released their single “Rewind” as well as an exclusive video premiere today, on Taste of Country.
Natalia is the oldest and the lead singer for the trio. She loves skinny jeans, Russell Stover dark assorted chocolates, and playing music for the fans. Her musical influences are a great mix of country and pop, which may be why her style mixes so well with that of her sisters. Natalia loves to mix up her music collection with artists such as Keith Urban, Justin Timberlake, Vince Gill, and Eric Johnson.
Christina is known as the wild child. She is like the pulse, constant rhythm, the drummer of the group, and helps keep the rhythm steady yet bluesy beat going. Her versatility and influences on her music not only are heard in her music but seen with her caliber of poise and grace with fans and the public. Her bright personality makes her a huge favorite with the crowds.
Hannah, the youngest, is a little quite and that may be why she’s been given the nick name, the Peace Keeper. She keeps a strong steady heart beat for the group.
~ “We’re in this together” Hannah, Southern Halo~
Southern Halo has opened for Jamie Lynn Spears, Julie Roberts, Brantley Gilbert, Eric Paslay, and Randy Houser. This years touring will include shows at the 25th annual Leland Crawfish Festival in Leland MS. and the girls will also appear at the Third Annual Rock the Block in honor of The Rock U 2 Foundation benefit. Natalia, Christina and Hannah, all expressed the importance to staying on the go, getting their music out to the fans and the public and keeping the momentum going.
Earlier this year Southern Halo attended the Grammy’s in LA and were honored to perform atop the Grammy Museum itself. The girls expressed how happy they were at the warm welcome and acceptance of their music by all the fans in California.
Pillar shot Southern Halo All three are home-schooled extensively on-line so the touring schedule is a piece of cake for three young women with strong, professional values and good insight in to what they want to do professionally in the music industry. Every aspect of the trio is to support the other members of the group and maintain a happy life personally and professionally.
Their young and smart with their heads on tight when it comes to the music business. All three very grounded with a desire to still have fun but always take their music seriously. All three agreed that the reason they chose a career in music is because they wanted to do something together, the three of them. They enjoy sharing their music and their love of music with others. Their first single “Little White Dress” opened many doors and their dreams are becoming reality.
We’re still learning and know it, but we’re having a blast and working hard. This is something we all want…and we understand it has to earned.” ~Natalia, Southern Halo~
Currently on the Billboard and Rolling Stone watch list for 2016/2017 Southern Halo is fresh, energetic and quickly rising in the industry. They all expressed the desire to hopefully open for “The Band Perry” who just happens to be one of their all time favorite artists. Their previous touring schedule has presented the girls with a major round of radio appearances, and a full schedule of local shows through out the US.
ADL4941 COVER ArtThey may be young and still learning but these three young ladies are the full package. They have a serious commitment to their dream and to sharing something that’s makes people happy. They talked about how fans had told them their music has affected people in so many positive ways. Their goals are also to strive for constant contact and to tour as much as possible while sharing their dream with others.
Final PosterThere has never been a second thought about playing music. Since Hannah was nine and the first day that Natalia first played the piano they knew this would be their future. They encourage others to always stay true to yourself, never give up and you can make your dreams come true. They believe that the versatility in the music they like is what gives them a greater edge in this genre. They believe that just one artist limits us on just how far that influence can go but when you have a wide range and great diversity it gives you more to work with.
They love making people smile and feel happy, so doing what they do comes naturally and with out a second thought. It is who they are. As they shared a few exciting moments it’s was clear they love performing, and keeping the fans happy, even when they autographed a bald head.
This is Southern Halo….stayed tuned…. the skies the limit.
Always stay true to your heart, keep doing your thing, your way, and just be yourself.” ~Southern Halo~

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Country Duo 2Steel Girls Release “Red, White and Blue Girls” to Record Breaking Reviews


2Steel GirlsTwo powerhouse women are on a mission. A mission to share their gifts and talents with the world and most especially with the world of country music.
Allison and Krystal Steel are 2Steel Girls. An unbelievable mother and daughter duo who are making history even if most folks don’t know it yet.
Not since The Judds has a mother and daughter duo made such a statement in an industry that is…at times…unforgiving and cruel. It’s tough in the music industry whether your male or female but for a team like 2Steel Girls it’s a mountain they are willing to climb.
Accolades and accomplishments for the duo include The Voice as part of Team Blake, appearances on Hallmarks Home & Family Show 2013, Debut of their first single on the Today Show with “Train Wreck” May 2013, Release of 2SG debut CD in 2013 that was independently distributed with over 10,000 copies to date, and Nashville Universe Artists of the Year & Song of the Year in 2015. They have also worked with Emmy winning producer Trey Bruce. Their release in 2015 of “Mad Black Magic” set them on the road to great success in the music industry.
Hoda Kotb, Today Show “You guys are like a wave, a force of nature.”
The duo signed on as the faces of Realtree – Real Girl in 2015 representing the largest manufacturer and distributor of camouflage clothing and outdoor items in the world. They have been endorsed by Breedlove Guitars, and appear as models in the Realtree Summer Look Book 2015 that reached millions.
Allison was frank and honest about the drive and determination to succeed. Even in the face of frustrations and obstacles she said they are doing what they feel in their hearts they need to do. This was not just a fly by night idea. It has been a dream worth coming true.
Rolling Stone Magazine – “Their voices are gorgeous together”
11393274_894872940573317_5575972488908189393_nReflecting back on their appearance on the Today Show Allison spoke of how a young 17 year old fan made it her mission to get them on the show. She pulled together her resources, put the plan in motion and thousands of fans flooded the Today Show emails and social media networks requesting that 2Steel Girls appear on the show. Within a few weeks the phone call came through. Producers said they had never had such a magnanimous response to anything of this nature in the history of the show.
If fans believe so much in them then it’s obvious…they must be rising stars. They have toured nationally and have released two EP’s self-funded through fans and family and hard work. Since their partnership with Realtree, Krystal and Allison have also partnered with Orca Coolers, Hunt’s Brothers Pizza, Nouveau Eyewear, Chevy Corporation, Grace In LA Jeans, Titanium Buzz Jewelry, Realtree Girl Handbags and Vietti Chili. Just to name a few.
Wow!!! What an amazing set of accomplishments.
Still there are things that haunt Allison. As an independent artist they know the challenges faced by artists in the industry. Things can run smoothly up to a point but when faced with potential managers and corporate folks in the business, it seems that as soon as it’s known that they are mother and daughter the interest seems to fade a bit.
11393073_895678240492787_4670348814928772616_nAllison expressed how… if your a woman and your over thirty the chances of landing something bigger are not as high, and radio, record labels, and managers loose interest. But that’s ok say’s Allison. 2Steel girls are genuine and intend to stay that way. She wanted other women in the industry to know that it’s ok to fight for what you feel is right.
Sometimes I feel disconnected because of my age. But ladies, just because we’re over thirty doesn’t mean we have to give up on our dreams. I hope to inspire other women to never give up. I want to work with people who believe in us like we believe in us.” ~Allison Steel, 2016
Early in their career people in the industry tried to change them. They wanted Allison and Krystal to flaunt the beauty queen style but that would not do. Both Allison and Krystal knew they had to stay true to themselves and what the family wanted as a growing artist in the music industry.
Sharing the stage with not only her daughter but her husband Todd and their son Aaron they are keeping it a family affair.
Enjoy the following video that received over 30,955 views in just three short weeks. Please enjoy the official video for “Red White and Blue Girls”, with Allison and Krystal Steel.

~ Much thanks to Nashville Film Institute and our sponsors: Realtree, Chevrolet, Orca Coolers, Hunts Brothers Pizza, Nashville Universe, Nouveau Eyewear, Grace In LA jeans, Realtree Shoes, Titanium Buzz jewelry, Breedlove Guitars ~ Allison Steel, 2Steel Girls, 2016
11262996_888658661194745_8348414266589588567_oTheir latest song “Red White and Blue Girls” is thought-provoking and heart-warming. It sets the stage to inspire us to show pride in our country, our faith and family and to fight for what we believe in.
I’ve been around the industry for a long time. I know all the in’s and out’s and up’s and down’s. But I think fans would agree with me when I say…it should never be about our age or the color of our hair or eyes that hook us a deal….it should be about the talent. It should be about the voice we hear without an equalizer, or messing with the compression, or even tweaking the reverb in order to “process” the voice.
Jump on the “Steel Train” and ride with Allison and Krystal all the way to the top. There’s no stopping them now. They have beauty, brains and talent, all traits to be honored.  As independent artists they are one of the strongest in the industry at this time and should be placed high on the watch lists for 2016 and early 2017.
Enjoy 2Steel Girls at:

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Bluegrass Sensation NewTown releases “Harlan Road”

  Written by


If you love Bluegrass then you’ll love NewTown. Formed in 2009 and becoming one of the  hottest groups in the industry, NewTown has once again released a huge collection of some of the best in bluegrass music.
Kati Penn of NewTown shared a few special moments with us about the album and how the band believes in holding solid to the true roots of what bluegrass really is.
Fronted by Kati Penn and Jr. Williams, her husband, NewTown will take you back in time through a haunting journey of mesmerizing tales of the hills, the hollers, and the hard times.
Based in Lexington KY the group tours regularly throughout the US and are currently promoting their newest release “Harlan Road”. The album was released in July of this year and has received outstanding reviews.
Kati’s love of music has been with her since she was a child. Her love of Bluegrass is felt and heard in every note she sings. Speaking of singing. Kati has her own style, her own sound, and her voice is etched with those deep bluegrass roots. The sound is silver. She grew up in a family where day to day life was filled with music. At the age of 10 she picked up the fiddle and at age 12 joined the Young Acoustic All-Stars. The group of young and gifted Bluegrass artists toured throughout the US. She has worked with artists Dale Ann Bradley, five time IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year, she has worked with Jim Hurst, acclaimed guitarist, and with Grammy winning country songwriter and musician Pam Gadd.
NewTown courtesy of Kim Brantley
NewTown courtesy of Kim Brantley
As we talked about the many changes in the country music genre, Kati was right on target that there is one thing about Bluegrass that will not change. The roots are deep and it will always be Bluegrass. There may be small variations but it will never be broken down like other genres of music.
This new album expresses the struggles we experience in life and how each one touches us. How loosing faith and hope and sometimes making the decision to leave this world is still empowered with love….”As I bid this world goodbye”,,,, it touches home for so many.
Bluegrass may not have the most happy and fun filled lyrical compositions but it’s foundation is built on real life and real truth. That’s what makes it so rich with emotion.
The title track “Harlan Road” is a beautiful song filled with high energy fiddles and howling banjo’s. The vocals are rich and passionate. It speaks of a desire for deep love and how it comes and goes through our lives.
Modern bluegrass as opposed to new grass, this bunch brings one of the strongest breaths of fresh air we’ve heard in bluegrass in quite some time and they do it without really turning anything on its head. With solid work from every quadrant—singing, writing, picking, etc. Tasty, solid stuff that gives you another view of “Justified”‘s Harlan. Hot stuff throughout. ~Midwest Record Recap~
NewTown courtesy of Kim Brantley
NewTown courtesy of Kim Brantley
The members of the band are close. Not just “a band” but friends who are family, Kati and Jr. are married, they all have a respect and a family bond that that brings it all together.
Jr. Williams, who shares lead vocals with Kati, plays banjo and began singing and playing when he was a small boy in Irvine Kentucky. His father was a Baptist preacher and eventually Jr. would begin a decades long career of touring with The Bishops, a Southern Gospel family group. Finally he decided after spending several more years touring with other bands that he would team up with Kati and the rest is history. They formed NewTown.
Band members Travis Anderson – Bass, Mitchell Cannon – Mandolin, Hayes Griffin – Guitar/Vocals all have decades of experience and exceptional talent. Mitchell was originally a fiddle player but during his grade school days was deeply inspired by Ricky Skaggs and his smoking mandolin. He picked it up and never looked back.
Travis Anderson holds a degree in Studio Music and Jazz and is a native of Pikeville TN. He has played bass professionally for over a decade and has worked with Carrie Hassler and Hard Rain, whom he also recorded three albums with. Hayes Griffin is originally from Columbus Ohio. He grew up with a love of Bluegrass music. After graduating with a Masters in Contemporary Improvisation from the New England Conservatory in Boston he toured heavily for almost four years with April Verch.
NewTown is a dynamite group filled with some of the most exceptional talent in the industry. “Harlan Road” was recorded at Mountain Home Records. Tyler Childers, Sarah Siskind, and Randy Weeks each wrote songs that appear on this album. The album was produced by Grammy winner Barry Bales.
Kati will remind you of iconic Bluegrass artists such as Alison Krauss and possibly Lee Ann Womack. But her voice is unique in it’s own right and filled with a powerfully distinctive rich texture.
Harlan Road hits the top ten on Billboard Bluegrass Albums at #8 and is moving up quickly. Kati shared a little advice with all those looking to come in to the industry.
Don’t ever give up, Do your own thing, Develop your own style and have patience. Just be yourself.” ~Kati Penn~

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The Security Project Feat. King Crimson & Peter Gabriel Members To Release “Live 2” October 21, 2016

Follow up to their acclaimed release “Live 1” includes two classic Genesis tracks!

Seattle, WA – On the heels of their critically acclaimed release “Live 1”, the Security Project will be releasing their follow-up album “Live 2” on October 21, 2016! Members of King Crimson, Shriekback and Gabriel's original band bring these genre-less masterpieces into the 21st Century. Seattleites Trey Gunn and Michael Cozzi join esteemed drummer Jerry Marotta and NY keyboardist David Jameson to harness the core of these songs. Added to the pedigree of these players is the voice of Brian Cummins. His interpretations add haunting authenticity to the immaculate arrangements.

“Great to see some of the original members doing it the right way.” – Steve Hackett

For these recordings The Security Project is:
Michael Cozzi – Guitar, Vocals
David Jameson  –  Keyboards, Eigenharp
Brian Cummins – Lead Voice
Trey Gunn – Touch Guitar, Vocals
Jerry Marotta – Drums, Vocals

“The Security Project Live is a beautifully reverential and creative reinterpretation of these Peter Gabriel classics!” – Kevin Killen, engineer of Gabriel's “So” record

Family Snapshot
Moribund The Burgermeister
Mercy Street
White Shadow
Father, Son
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
Fly On A Windshield
On The Air

Here's what the press have raved about the Security Project's “Live 1”:

“Strong marks go to this unique project that will appeal to Peter Gabriel fans and progressive rock aficionados. This is a live album, but the level of musicianship among the band members makes that easy to forget until hearing the audience applause following the tracks. Writing as a Gabriel fan myself, the telling fact is that I’ll probably play Live 1 more often than I play Gabriel's own recent reinventions.” – Jeff Elbel, IE Magazine

“The Security Project has captured not only the sonic details of Gabriel's music but also the revered artist’s quirkiness.” – Cryptic Rock

“The Security Project expertly reimagines Peter Gabriel's groundbreaking early output, creating an immersive experience both in performance and on its debut release Live 1. The group goes far beyond conventional tribute band territory, infusing the songs with new arrangements and elements while staying true to the spirit of the material. Gabriel enthusiasts across the board will be taken by the band’s high-octane approach full of drive, determination and energy.” – Anil Prasad, Innerviews

“What Security Project does is accomplish what's been too long in coming: positioning Peter Gabriel's music as repertoire. It's clear that while the band treats Gabriel's music with no shortage of reverence, it's also about a more open-ended approach to the music.” – John Kelman, All About Jazz

“Somehow, like Gabriel, the Security Project's performance strikes the right esoteric balance between the tribal groove of world music and the inscrutable logic of the best progressive rock.” – Peter Lindblad, Elmore Magazine

To purchase:

Official website:

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158, glassonyonpr@gmail.com

Concert Review: Black Sabbath At The Mohegan Sun Arena Connecticut

Aug 27, 2016

I thought I would never have the opportunity to see Black Sabbath live and it was likely they would never get back together to record again. Well I was wrong as both events happened and I can now check off another bucket list group. The improbable happened once again. What a great show I witnessed last evening at the Mohegan Sun. It is quite a facility and walking through the casino was very entertaining. It is like a little city contained in one building. It is very impressive.

I was very familiar with the opening band Rival Sons.  I have most of their music and they have amassed quite an impressive catalog I must say. Their most recent release is Hollow Bones which is excellent and it has some amazing artwork on the cover.

I find their music an energetic and moving type of blues rock and on some their tracks they sound like they stepped out of the 60s. They are different and original and that is what attracted me to their sound right from the start.

The lead vocalist is Jay Buchannan and good lord does the man have a set of pipes. I would recommend checking out all of their music and make sure you get to the Sabbath show early enough to catch them live. A lot of the crowd showed up when Sabbath came on and I had though the house would have been packed right from the start but it took a while.

Rival Sons Set List:
Electric Man
Pressure and Time
Tied Up
Fade Out
Open My Eyes
Keep On Swinging

After a break Black Sabbath came on stage. The huge white sheet with Black Sabbath emblazoned across it that was covering them dropped and then we were off! 

Most appropriately they opened up with “Black Sabbath.” Ozzy sounded pretty good and the band was very tight. I felt a chill come over me with the realization I was living out another lifetime dream.

Tommy Clufetos and keyboardist Adam Wakeman were the additional members backing original members Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Geezer Bulter (bass) and Tony Iommi (guitar). 

Wakeman was in a little tent off to the side of the stage and Clufetos was very prominently displaying his talents all night long including a phenomenal drum solo after the instrumental “Rat Salad” (Paranoid album).

Ozzy was a hit or miss all night with his vocals. It seemed some songs were spot on and others he was a bit off. “Snowblind” (Volume 4 album) was amazing. And “War Pigs” was great as well as the entire capacity crowd joined in. Ozzy was very animated and mobile, always urging the crowd to clap their hands and get into the flow of the music. “Hand of Doom” was also excellent. I was surprised that there was no coverage from their album 13 at all. That didn’t seem to bother the audience at all though, they loved every minute of what they were getting and so did I. I have to give the nod to the special effects backdrop as well it was very colorful and entertaining with a lot of close up shots of the band members, especially Geezer’s rapidly moving fingers on his bass!

During “Dirty Women” (Technical Ecstasy Album) the sound crew turned up Tony’s guitar so loud Ozzy could not hear himself singing and we could not even hear the drummer. I can see putting the spotlight on the lead guitar man but not at the expense of the rest of the band. That was the latter half of the show but very noticeable. Ozzy was relaying hand signals to let them know as well.

I picked up a tour shirt and special CD release that is only available at the concert with eight previously unreleased tracks. Four of the tracks never made it on to the last studio album and the other four are live recordings. I thought it was a bit pricey at $30, I think $20 would have been more reasonable but I got it anyway, it was a one shot deal and I would have regretted not getting it. I am all for supporting touring bands as it is more difficult to sell music in this day and age.

I am happy Tony Iommi is in remission of his cancer and he is here to bring the Black Sabbath legendary sound to life on stage for us. They ARE the godfathers of heavy metal without question and everyone else comes in second.

This is a great show that should not be missed! Once it’s over it really is The End for Black Sabbath, or so they say….

Black Sabbath Set List:
Fairies Wear Boots
After Forever
Into the Void
War Pigs
Behind the Wall of Sleep (with "Wasp" intro)
N.I.B. (with "Basically" intro)
Hand of Doom
Rat Salad
Iron Man
Dirty Women
Children of the Grave (with "Embryo" intro)

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck